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Latte was named by Jane’s stepson Sam, who commented that she was mostly milky with a little bit of coffee.

We are very sad to report that Latte, who was born on our farm in the late 1990s, passed away May 19th, at the Refuge Inn pasture due to complications from foaling. She has had several successful pregnancies in the past, yet despite the best efforts of Carlton, Arthur, nurse Mary Esther, and our veterinarian Dr. Cameron, Latte was unable to deliver the foal. Consequently, we lost both of them. We are very grateful to Dr. Cameron for his dedication–we could not ask for a more brave, loving, and skilled veterinarian. We are all exhausted from a very difficult day yesterday. Losing a foal is very sad, but losing the mare too is overwhelmingly devastating. Latte and the foal have been given a proper burial up on the farm.

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