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This colt has some unique spots on his side, and a dog bone on his nose. Too cute.

Lizzie's 2012 foal

Lizzie’s 2012 foal

Lizzie's 2012 foal

Lizzie’s 2012 foal

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3 Responses to Lizzie’s 2012 Colt

  1. Alissa says:

    My name is Alissa and I was recently visiting from Maine! I was on Captain Dan’s tour and he gave us a pamphlet of fun things to do on the island. I noticed the corral listed on the back of the hand out and on July 26, 2014 I went to check it out. In it were two horses. I was wondering if you could give me more information on them? What are their names? I believe that one of them was a chestnut pinto.
    Alissa Muise

    • admin says:

      Hi Alissa,

      Luna is the bay. She was born in 2013. Mom is Mooney… looks just like her. Mooney is 1/2 Arabian 1/2 Chincoteague. Stud is Thunder… all Chincoteague.
      Minnie is the paint. She’s for sale– $500.
      Martha is the buckskin. She was born in 2009. Mom is Mooney. She looks like her grandma Sandy, who was at the Refuge Inn pasture for most of her 35 years alive. Stud was Stan, a beautiful horse who came from Mr. Stan White in Florida.

  2. Alisha says:

    We visited from Georgia this past week on our way back from Maine visiting family. The Pony Centre was closed, so the only real interaction my daughter got with any ponies was at the corral beside McDonald’s. Thank you so much for having them there! We especially liked the paint. She is beautiful and seemed to be the most mild mannered of the three?

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