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Lucky is Foxy’s 2006 foal. She was a super cute foal and has a distinctive lop-sided blaze.

Peaches & Cream is Fuzzy Peaches’s foal from 2006, out of Tuffy.

Pebbles is a young mare who has only been at the farm for a few years.

Sassie belongs to Arthur’s youngest son Ayden– they’re the same age.

Miss Watson, whom Don always referred to as the “Watson Mare” has had many foals on the farm. She is getting into her golden years now, so we keep her in a separate pen and feed her special “senior” food.

Martha was Mooney’s 2009 foal. She looks just like her grandma, Sandy, who was a sweetie. Martha is named after Don’s wife Martha, who passed away in 2012.

Marilyn was Fuzzy Peaches’s 2009 foal, out of Stan. Her first foal should be born in 2014.