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The Leonards have been raising Chincoteague ponies for decades.
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Meet our mares and their current stallion, along with those trouble-making yearlings and ponies who once lived on the farm

This stallion fathered foals born 2012-2013, including Sir Lucky.Thunder

This stallion fathered foals born in 2010 and 2011, including Blackberry.

This stallion came from Stan White in Florida and fathered foals born in 2009, including Martha, Mr. Sinatra, and Marilyn.

This stallion fathered foals born in 2003-2008.

This stud was born on our farm in 1996 out of Premier. Don Leonard took this colt to the fire company auction, where his kids purchased the colt as a surprise, and named it after their father Don. He fathered foals born in 1999-2000, and possibly until 2003. He now has his own band of mares on Assateague.

This stallion was a chestnut registered Arabian who sired foals both on the Chincoteague Pony Farm and in the wild herds on Assateague.

He fathered foals born in 1995-1998 on our farm, including Woofie, the Don Leonard stud “Diablo,” Mooney, and Vixen.

His pedigree can be found here