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Miss Watson, whom Don always referred to as the “Watson Mare” has had many foals on the farm. She is getting into her golden years now, so we keep her in a separate pen and feed her special “senior” food.

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  1. Cynthia Sica says:

    hi, I just bought a 3yr old chincoteague gelding locally. I’m in Snow Hill, Md. He’s the #2 foal donated 2011 at the pony penning auction. I was wondering if you have any pics of his dam, Miss Watson, that you could share with me, or any pics of this foal while he was at your farm? Any pics or info would be greatly appreciated! He’s a wonderful pony, I would love to learn some of his history. I do know his sire was the late Cezanne.Thanks so much! Cynthia Sica

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